020100 (Sun)

I got a taste of what is Zhu GeLiang pitting against CaoCao.


ET put www on duty on the 1st of January, and www phoned to me that he had told ET he could not do on that day. He had to make preparations for his sister’s wedding. He asked whether TKM could change with him, and I said it was okay with me. In fact, I do not wish that to happen.


Then, TKM called to confirm with me, that is it true that I agreed for www to change with him the duty on the 2nd. I strongly reacted, as www was trying to smoke us. I told TKM to hold his stand, and if www were to produce MC on that day, I’ll make sure he endorse at Tengah Air Base.


In fact, www has tried to page ET about this thing. It’s just that things would get uncontrolled if ET were to confront him. Under the table, ET and I decided to see how the situation would work out to be on Monday.


Unexpectedly, NSH called to say hello to me. He told me that he voluntarily donated $30 for me, which I got the donation card a week before. He was such a great help, without hesitation, he willingly took the donation card and asked his relatives and friends for donation. When I knew his noble deed, I felt so proud, touched, but yet guilty.


I’m so proud that he regarded me as a true friend, and a friend worth befriending. His unhesitating to help me in the donation has really touched me. Asked, who would try to help you donate if he does not regard you as a trustworthy friend. Because of this, I felt so guilty.


A few weeks before, R, C, K, and I talked about who is going to post out to where in an informal conversation. In the end, they got to hear of it and became even true as the rumor spreads like fire. Even NSH thought so. It’s just like he has been helping me, yet I still keep him in the dark that we were just making this ridiculous joke.



100100 (Mon)

Don't know what's wrong with ET recently. He just did not bother to salvage situation where duty was concerned. Like today, Lee TT does not want to do duty tomorrow, and by right, ET should be settling this problem. Instead, he 'distributed the stress' to me. In a state I'm in now, how could i possibly bother such trivial things, while I am busy preparing for the CNB.


Hugo was the only one who is available, and yet he did not want to take on another duty, giving excuse what his lips is turning white, going to fall sick. I really didn't know how they think. All they need to do is to tell me who can, who cannot, and they will wait for me to arrange everything, including Prowler I/C. Sometimes I really feel that being a man is better off than be a specialist. At least what they do is only duty, off, stand-by, and nothing else.


I wonder why TLT vomited blood. Must be got angry by his 9 men, right? Wow, I have 21 men under me, looks like one of these days, I will not only vomit blood, but also vomit lung.



110100 (Tues)

After much preparation for the CNB, the day finally came. We reached CNB in the morning 1000 hrs and the first shocking news was that the plan was changed, again. We sat for a final briefing before we started to deploy all the signboards and dummy RPs. The weather was cloudy then.


We did not expect the weather to turn sunny all of a sudden, and made the raincoat that we brought turned useless. At around 1300 hrs, we were deployed at our respective stations for traffic control and waited for the cars to come in and be directed to their specific directions.


We were standing under the sun like a dried salted fish, having to breathe all the sand dust. For me, I had difficulty controlling the traffic due to several factors like poor reception. In the end after the event, CSM gave us a briefing. He was not very satisfied with our performance, despite that our CO said we had done a good job. In actual fact, our CO did not know what was going on for the whole event and sequence. As a result, we were given a day off given by him. So, many of us who are on stand-by the next day went for a day off, before the organizer e-mail to our CO and complain about our ‘below-standard’ performance.



220100 (Sat)

All was ready for the traffic control for this day. Little did I expect that my head was spinning very hard early in the morning, landing me to puke all even before we set off. I thought it would be all right after taking some medicine for my giddiness.


However, my condition was becoming bad to worse, vomited as long as my head spin. In the end, I only instructed my men how to go about the traffic control verbally and sat very sick at the edge of the car park. Then, CSM came and told me to lie in his car for a rest. Never did I expect that the sickness still persisted despite much resting and medication. I was only taken to nearby clinic after the whole event ended.


We found one nearby and Irene and CSM escorted me to see the doctor. The doctor diagnosed it to be virus infection and gave me a jab for stopping vomiting. All was not well yet shortly after the jab. Then, CSM took me home personally right to my doorstep.


Everybody said my face was very green and walked like a dying corpse. I was really almost half-dead, vomited nothing for umpteen times. I just felt like vomit all my organs out, as I did not even take breakfast since morning. I lost my appetite totally and felt like sleeping the whole day. The moment I reached home, I just laid down on my sofa and slept without changing into another clothing.



160200 (Wed)

What a day today, spending a somewhat ‘fruitful’ event that keeps popping up one after another.


CO is so free today that he went on rounds and wanted us to clamp cars under the fierce, hot sun. What would be the end results? Unclamp the cars!


Then, OC suddenly wanted to charge the 4 of them (ED, C, KCH and MO) for the previous incident for wetting the thunder flash. Being ignorant of the procedure, I was also half bucket full of water. Because of all these events, I also felt awaked despite I felt heaty and sleepy.



190200 (Fri)

I do not know how to describe my feelings and mood today. It came into turmoil when I heard that something has happened to Prowlers again.


I got to know a bit that MAA of COSCOM has complaint again that, our RP at the slipway gate this morning sat on the chair, leaving his rifle at the side and shaked his legs. Then, CSM called all the prowlers into his room, including me. He liked to hear from SL what happened, since he has given them a one week trail in putting the chair back to Slipway gate.


Suddenly, CSM turned to me, asking me whether I have briefed them on the conditions in putting the chair back. My answer was positive, but quite weak. I also did not remember whether I had told them everything I have to tell them. CSM asked them. All except ET, TKM and ZR (from what I remembered) raised up their hands, claiming that I did not tell them the details, but just scribble on the whiteboard about the notice.


At that moment, I could only see that those rising up their hands were holding a sharp blade of knife in their hands, ready to stab me in broad daylight. My heart begins to die. CSM asked for my opinions. I just kept quiet, cos' I did not want to say anything anymore.


From this very short scene, I could see that who is who. At least now I know that they are taking the privileges that I gave them as granted. Fine, I know what to do in the future. Anyway, I do not feel much hurt as last time; going through a few more times would be fine.


I tried to recall whether I had briefed them the details, and finally, the memory came back in the late afternoon. On 110200, I did call them for a briefing in the morning, including A1400 personnel. After briefing the A1400 personnel, I turned to prowlers, announcing verbally to them about the putting back of chairs, including the conditions. ET has also helped to supplement for the briefing.


I asked myself. Fine, my conscience is clear and I have done my part in telling them the things. Now, they turned back against me, saying that I did not tell them. Okay, since they have already played the role of 1st day of lunar month, it is my turn to play the 15th day. 



190200 (Sat)

What a scary traffic control I had, since the last bungy jump. Because of miscommunication, David drove his posh car to the camp, instead of his van. Without a van, we could not load up the dummy RPs to CMPB. I was quite panicked at first.


Then, I thought we had extra controllers, so I might as well replace with a live RPs. Of course, I informed CSM about this incident. OC also got to know of this, as he has not gone home yet. He had advised me to loan the vehicle a while from BOC. But by the time BDO comes back from his round, it would be too late.


It was almost 1400 hrs, and they were still polishing their boots. As I tried to hurry them up, OC told David to change to no. 3; but of course, not. Instead of helping me, I find him hindering my process. I was already like an ant jumping on a hot pot, and yet they were walking gracefully into the car before we left for CMPB.


Fortunately, all the plans proceeded as normal, except that it started to rain heavily when we were about to deploy for traffic control. The downpour came with thunder and lightning, and there were 5 live antennas outside. Still, everything went smoothly, despite that they were drenched even if raincoat.


After the event, I felt that I had done my duty. At least I know what is going on. At the WTC before coming in to camp, TLT told me that he heard (and some of them) that it should be someone else doing this job. But instead, the arrow pointed to me. Well, when I heard this, I felt nothing. Firstly, this is not my first time going through the cold and harsh environment. What I mean is, water has become ice. Before, when CSM asked me whether are all the SPECs involved in this event, I knew what's going on. Anyway, even if 'C' is involved, I do not feel safe.


Take for the traffic control on 260100. When I took MC, everything almost went haywire. 'R' was late and nobody knows what to do. Looks like I really have to succeed and continue OKK's style of working.



250200 (Fri)

Because of an old system that nobody bothers to rectify, nobody bothers to bring it up and gives the old bird their way; everybody tries to push the blame to one another after an incident happened.


I felt so bad in giving the punishment, as I also think that this is absurd. True, I have given him before yy and ZR come face to face with each other. However, after their 'heated argument', I find that xx deserves the punishment even more rightfully (the 2 extra signed). 


yy said that he expected the new birds to know his and xx's style that they should fill up the book without reminding them. So, for xx's case, he deserves it since he did not really or did not even bother to communicate with the new birds. 


By the way, xx was the I/C on that day. I don't see why yy is so enthusiastic in giving ZR the punishment. When ZR approached xx, you told me that xx complained about why I can't handle the case personally and asked ZR to see xx. This does not matter. 


On the whole, it only tells me that they are carrying a guilty conscience to give him a punishment that can actually be avoided and is really aiming at the person they detest, since they deliberately did not sign for him. Hence, they used me as a puppet and they control the show behind. 


Fortunately, ZR did not blame me. It is the old and nasty system that caused the trouble. Why many detest ZR, is because they did not want to hear the true facts that he stated for whatever 'problems' and 'situations' we are facing now. They feel that the current 'problem' that they are enjoying is being threatened. 


Okay, I shall decide who will sign the book on Monday meeting. This time, there will be black and white.  



170300 (Sat)

So many things happened before I go on leave and during my leave. I really so ‘beh qe’ that I had a very interesting and marathon discussion to whom it concerned via e-mail.


Tlt called me last night

But I had not checked my mail.

I still haven’t checked it.

But anyway J has told me b4 that BC

Said that he wants to slice BY.

J then told me that if BC, who is still

Small fry in provost wants to slice BY, then

J will slice him first. I do not know if he told

This to BC or not.


Also J mentioned that BC is now

Very different now that CSK is gone.. J says

That BC was very scared of CSK and was always

very kuai. Perhaps we need to be fierce and throw rank/

lao jiao to control BC..


CSB wrote:

TTW got Mc and J became I/C today. Then, J detail BC to do 0900-1500 and Y 1500-2100. He will decide on the night detail later on.

C was very unhappy about the timing, banged the door and told J that do not 'qie' him. J then told me that C wants to give Y do 1300-2100.


            Just like what I said..


> J called back to office and told me about all this, and then C came to

> the phone, saying that J being I/C can qie him, then he being the 2 I/C

> can also qie Y. In the end, I decided on the timing. Thought that was all.


            There is no such thing as a 2 i/c in al400

            ESPECIALLY so on duty days.. what rubbish??

            I think u can make it clear to BC about that..

            And as for the timing, if BC wants to slice Y

            Then J has to interfere to make BC

            Remember the days of 9 3 3 9 with CSK

            I stand on J’s side on this issue.


> When J came back for RT, he told me that he wanted to give C 05

> Extras for failure to wear ammo pouch during his duty sentry (01xextra),

> Insurbonation (01xextra) and failure to book in people going to WSW

> (03xextra). And so I agreed. However, I can only tell C about this on

> Monday since I’m off on Friday, long on Saturday.


            I’m agreeable to this if u2 are.

            He needs to be put into place.


> Hoo was also there when the entire incident happened.

> Just to inform you.

> 150300.



230300 (Thur)

By right, this incident occurred on Wednesday, a day before the bag-check. However, it happened in the middle of the night, Thursday 0030 hrs. A turn-out was activated by our OC and everybody who were there are to change into their no. 4 and fall in at the car park.  I was awakened too from the alarm.


I asked CN what happened, and only did I know that it was actually OC’s idea to see whether all are present by 2359 hrs. Indeed, 2 were not here, and because of them, we had to wait until 0300 hrs before we dispersed.


During the long three hours, OC made them difficult by criticizing their dressing, equipment, boots and inspection. TKM was so down on luck that OC picked him as their I/C and even blamed TKM that he did not do his job well and let them suffer here.


At the same time, reservist were also having their training, having their training area set next to CISCO as well. Initially, OC wanted the turnout to show that we are very on. Instead, it gave the reservist an impression that why this OC is so ….?


Instead of making this as a turnout, to me, he has misused the system by falling them for attendance only.  In addition, he was not the BDO that day and of course he has no right to use the alarm. Because of this case, all of the RPs detests OC even more, showing his immature action and thinking. They were cursing and swearing behind him. They have lost their respect to him completely.


To think that all of us had to stay in for bag-check for tomorrow, and some even have to stay back for another night for the shore range on Friday. Worse still, few have to stay back for duty after the range.



310300 (Fri)

I went to Pasir Ris taking bus service 88 and it was scenic during the whole journey, with the newly built housing estates and LRT in Punggol, which is still under construction.


I waited outside MacDonald’s for TLT to fetch me to Yacht Club Bungalow B, where we had our chalet for the next 4 days. It wasn’t really that difficult to find, since we were taking his car and had a taste of his driving skills.


TPS and I were the first among us to reach there early. Wee and TKM were very late, cos’ they met at different places, one at Tenaha Merah and one at Tampines. It was really a joke. NSH, TTT, LPE and Holy Man were busy barbecuing and the rest were busy playing mahjong, poker cards and computer games. Nothing much to do, actually.


Later, Holy Man, TTT, and I walked our way to Changi Village. During our walking, we found ET trying to find the place. He looked some kind of sick then. We walked back again before we went there again to see ‘Ah-Quas’. It was really an eye experience. They were standing along the Terminal car park, wearing what a real woman should wear. Some were even more woman than woman. However, it was really very disgusting and I really pity them. You can only see them at night.



010400 (Sat)

J was here early in the morning with AT and AK in taxi. After that, J suggested we going to look at the old Changi Hospital and deserted old Commando Camp. Without hesitation, LPE, J and I went there to have a look.


We went to the Changi Hospital first and it was really an exploration. It didn’t seem to be scary as what some said, since it was broad daylight. I could not imagine that if we go there at night. It will be pitch dark, seeing nothing. We took some pictures there, of course.


Then, we went to the nearby old Commando Camp. It was not fenced and everybody is accessible to the place. However, the internal part of the buildings has been renovated skeletally, and we could not see its original structure.



100400 (Mon)

Early in the morning, CSM conducted inspection and said that from tomorrow onwards, white belt inspection will be carried out. Don't know where the yellow bike came from, CSM saw the rusty condition and given them a piece of his mind before declaring that no bike using for the next one week.


After the mustering, CN told me that A1400 did not go for view-caming, and so I made a questioning with the 3 of them. In the end, I gave them one extra each. Thought that was normal enough, A1400 duty I/C begged me to let him do duty on Saturday and Sunday in order to clear his extra. Initially, I refused to. But since his so sincere in doing it, I obliged. I even told the other two not to learn this 'Self-Qie Skills' from him.


During debrief, I was stunned to hear that the cap of the stun baton chipped off, and the Saturday duty personnel did not even report to the next duty prowler. In the end, the 6 of them had to write a statement. It will be continued tomorrow.


ZR supposed to stand-in for G at Blk 24 (according to schedule priority). But when I told him that, he gave me a frowning expression and said why him again. Fine, the OJT guy replaced him and I told ZR to teach him what he is supposed to do at Blk 24. Nevertheless, he complained to KC and he confronted me, asking me why am I always arrowing ZR to do so many things. As if I am using his men. In a joking manner, of course.



120500 (Fri)

The news that we have been waited for has finally arrived. However, it still seems to be shocking to me. One third of the men are going to Changi, including CSM. So, the remaining ones shall follow back the schedule 2 years ago. CSM also wanted either one of the Specs to go to Changi, excluding RH, since he’s going to ORD soon. We were wondering who would be going there.


Nevertheless, after the meeting with CSM, he came into the office and told CN that he will be going to Changi, and so I will be the only one left in Brani taking 3 men job.


I can see that CN is quite depressed about the news, since he is living in Jurong. Moreover, Wil is also being selected to learn whatever things he has to learn from Pass Office, as he will be going to Changi to start the ball rolling. This, we were not informed during the meeting. All the provost personnel were very surprised.


Looks like when June comes, WCO will be under me, taking over Guard Commander’s schedule planning, WITs, USMS, and CISCO’s stuff. I need to come out with some plan to reorganize the system in order to make things work even more smoothly.




Every time debriefing, there will be a ‘talk-cock’ session. But this time, it really backfired, causing the relation to be even more soured than before.


The duty personnel should be able to dismount before 1000hrs. However, do not know why, CN overheard BT saying to DC what ‘bao doh’ what, thus CN wanted BT to tell him what happened before they could dismount. However, BT made his stand that nothing went wrong last night.


Things were getting out of hand when everybody was really very tired of waiting and TPS voiced out his impatience. This followed by DC and BT. Fire got bigger when BT blurted out that he would be telling CSM about this since the SPECs could not settle this matter.


I could see that RH did not want to blow up the matter, so he said that it is unnecessary. But from the whole situation, everybody could see that who is right, who is wrong. Though the matter is settled, but before he left, he wrote on the whiteboard with a red marker saying ‘I will not let the matter rest’. The situation seems to be full of precarious traps now. Even when dismounting, CN did not even have something to tell them.


Before I went home, RH asked me whether I could do duty for him tomorrow, as he will be going to Tuas. I find it hard to reject him, but still I tried to push away the ‘offer’ even if he said he would do the duty for me next month. Ever since I have been ‘duped and smoked’, I find it very hard to trust anyone. Maybe he will think that I’m not willing to help, but to me, I will still remember this saying:’ if you are kind to people, they will say you are selfish’.


Moreover, he knew that he will be going to Tuas two days ago, and now he is trying to find a replacement at the last minute, playing Jenga just now. I’ll see if it is really necessary, he will tell CSM about this.



300500 (Tue)

For no reason, our CO wants us to conduct a P226 range for officers rank Captain and above. Well, we just stayed in last night and set off for SAFTI Range 25m at Pasir Laba Camp, my former camp, SISPEC.


When we reached the entrance, bit and pieces of memories came back to my mind. Especially the smell of the air, it really brought back to our arduous route march, tiring platoon exercise and the mass attacking of the mosquitoes on us.  Come to think of it, all were like yesterday’s event.


As a safety specialist, RH and I have to know how to handle the gun and know the gun inside out. Though it was our first hands on on the gun, it was quite an experience firing with the gun as a demonstrator.


Everything went smoothly and we went back to Brani Camp in the mid afternoon. The working party and any body else involved were so tired that some took a nap. Me? I was tired but was still staying awake.