130700 (Thur)

Since last week Monday, I have been busying with the continuing coming of the new RPs in teaching them the SOPs and what they have to learn. First, it was the first batch coming on Monday, consisting of 24 of them. It was a rare sight when they went to cook house. Why? They marched up the cookhouse. Anybody who saw it was curious with them. For the next few days, we pretended to be harsh on them, so that they will know where their stand is.

Wednesday, there was another batch of 4. Friday, there was one more. The problem was not in teaching them, but some tried to get MC while a two of them have problems in them, making merging them difficult.

Fortunately, they are now official RPs and had their test. Now, I have to take care of another batch coming in tomorrow.


180700 (Tue)

Tuesday afternoon. Together with Holy Man and TLT, we walked our way to the chalet and saw the rest there. Shortly after, it was barbeque time and Wee came shortly after. We were waiting happily for the food to be cooked and although it was long waiting and not full, the laughter covered the rest of the hunger.

Daringly, 8 of us like BT, Wee, Sotong, TPS, Holy Man, J, LPE and I went to the old Changi Hospital with only a torch light with us. It was full moon, but the moonlight is not strong enough to guide us around the hospital. It was pitch dark inside and everybody tried to calm each other by trying to be looking cool and calm. We walked up to the third storey where we terminated our tour. As we walked to the other end of the entrance of the hospital, there was an old man guarding there, with his table and a kerosene lamp. We were puzzled and praised the old man silently.

Wee added that it was like drama showing the same scene, where we will see an old man under such places, and in the end….

Our adventure did not stop here. Holy Man, J, LPE and I went to the Changi Village and bought some mineral water before going to the beach. We enjoyed the breeze there and chatted under the coconut tree. Although I was quite sleepy, I tried to open my eyes as not to miss such rare moments. Just as I was enjoying our chatting, somebody paged me several times, leaving me voice mails that suddenly ceased all feelings cultivated right that moment. It was ET.


190700 (Wed)

We slept till nine in the morning, brushed our teeth before going to Changi Village for breakfast. Shortly after, J, LPE, Holy Man and I went to Pulau Ubin for cycling. It was an enjoyable time together, immersed us into the Singapore of 1960’s atmosphere. However, we heard thunder when we reached the beach. Quickly, we cycled back to the jetty as the clouds turned darker in colour. The wind turned into gaze. We parked the bikes at the side of the road, while we ordered lunch. In the end, it turned into heavy rain with lightning, and we left only when it turned into drizzle.


Holy Man and I took a short nap before we started our second barbeque. At first, nobody wanted a barbeque, as they were too engrossed in their mahjong and game cards. More and more people joined in, but the food was in short supply. Fortunately, Wil came just time enough to enjoy the barbequed food.


Nothing to do after Holy Man left, Wil, Wee and I went upstairs and tried to sip a cup of mineral water to quench our thirst. We chatted with other 2 guys, KZ and KT, before we really had nothing to do, bathed and slept as early as 10 p.m.


Close to 12 midnight, I heard shouting coming from downstairs. In the end, it was the rest trying to strip Sotong. They dashed all the way in and interrupted our sleep. Helplessly, the 3 of us just look at Sotong being ‘attacked’ by them. Sotong II was also not been spared. Wee commented that it was just like during the Japanese Occupation; the Japanese soldiers just bashed into one of the villager’s home and gripped one girl for satisfaction. We pictured the scene and laughed.



090800 (Wed)

At last, after so many days of rehearsal at Marina South for the Carnival traffic control. We deployed as early as 0730 hrs and waited for the VIPs to come. As we waited, all the team that are involved in the show slowly moved in and got ready their position.

We stood under the hot sun waiting for the VIPs to come and gradually, they came, mostly MIDs. The MPs got in position, ready to receive our president. Finally, this is my only chance to stop the president car and the only one in my whole life. Soon, the carnival was officially declared.

After a short rest, we were deployed for the afternoon. This time, we would be receiving prime minister. It was quite chaotic, with so many spectators crowding around the area. This made our job even more difficult. In addition, vehicles that are not supposed to be here were here and we turn them away.

One more thing was all vehicles were to u-turn and park opposite side. However, one driver asked me where to park, and I told him as it is. He then told me he is the Minister of State. Still, I told him to do as he was required.

Everything went quite smoothly. Frankly speaking, other than last year’s CDF’s dinner traffic control, this is the most biggest one I have ever did.


130800 (Sun)

By e-mail, between TPS.

CSB wrote:
> > Finally, everything's over. SFC2000 is over.
> It was a success???
> That is great. What were the souvenirs?

Pens, letter opener (leftovers from last year) and paperweight.

> Did chief clerk 'coop' anything this time?

No, cos admin did not attend. They worked reverse shift because of the
technical recall from 1500-2100 hrs. One chief PTI think is under the old
chief PTI tried to, but CSM saw it and prevented the calamity.
> So how wet-weather program, or was it
> like last time, last min become good weather??

Continue as dry weather programmed, despite that it was still drizzling.
Worse than last year, at least it stopped at the last minute. For this one,
it rains the kind that last until whole day.
> > Everything went smoothly except that the attendance is very poor. Maybe
> > it's due to NDP, some went on off and OPs loading were on.
> Icici. My friends from AAB were on OFF/LWE cos of
> staying-in etc on Friday, or standby till late etc.
> >It rains
> > some more (how come it always rain on my organizing event?) CSM was
> > very pleased with it, cos HE DID NOT GIVE DEBRIEF regarding this event
> > (normally he would comment something bad after an event, isn't it?)
> Finally, Chester got it right!! :)
> Maybe its because u chose the right people??

Maybe. Wee Wee has really helped out a lot in contacting the HQMC, despite
the fact that it is very difficult to 'communicate' with them like last
year. TKM volunteered to operate the PA system when Alvin and Vincent were
on off because of NDP, LPE did F&B before and helped Ong a bit, so got
experience and OCY was very enthusiastic about his scope of work in the
souvenirs and prizes. I shouldn't have chosen BC and RL in the
committee; they really did not help much. BC was in charge of store
and liaises with Logistics. In the end, it was LPE who was doing his job. I
put RL and BC in charge of making the 4 large cigarettes for the
symbolic event. They only finished it until the last day before the event.
RL even complained that he is doing it alone, when he has even told the
OJTs to do it for him. I rejected his method of doing many times to ensure
that the cigarette made looks good and professional (just his luck that my
arts and craft got A's in school). Like I did one sample without using any
scoth tape, and he gave me one that has scotch tape all over the cigarette
and it did not look solid. Some more, I even caught him and BC sleeping
in the mess room many times when they were on stand-by, doing nothing about
their scope. I really don't feel like giving them off. Even THK
who just came when he was nominated for one of the committee members is many
times better than the two of them.

Must be wondering why did I choose them in the first place, then? Well, at
that time CSM said those ORD later than March 2001 will go to Changi. Since
the two of them ORD earlier than that, they would not go to Changi and stay
in Brani. That was my reason being choosing them. If not, I would have
chosen GCM, TPG, TTW and those who will use his initiative, and not
wait until somebody tells him to do his work. Looks like if I were to be a
boss one day, I will really have high expectations of my employees. Then
AT will be the first one to be sacked a few days later. Hee.....
> > Except that tongue went missing after the event when we were going to
> > pack up the exhibition set. Wee Wee discovered and
> > said:"Oh........where's the tongue.......".
> Mind describing the event?

Then I shall start from the beginning. As you know, I was in charge of this
last year. So, got the experience in this already. In fact, CMB was going to
work with us this year. However, I wait for you and you wait for me, nothing
was done until CSM said we'll do it our own. According to 'Sun Zi Bin Fa', I
have chosen the people and assigned their jobs clearly and precisely
according to their weakness and good points (not like last year, many jobs
was not assigned clearly).
Then, according to last year, we followed the layout and system in giving
the coupons. As for games, I have chosen the game 'Topo in Brani', instead
of running. In fact, this one needs running too, since you have to go to
various checkpoints all over Brani to collect answers. All questions are
related to smoking (see attached files).
OCY said that last year many people registered quite a few times without
our knowledge and in the end, one people got a few souvenirs. So, for this
year, anybody coming into the queue will have a stamp chopped on their right
hand, so that they will not have a second chance to dip again. So,
basically, MO talk, warm up, refreshment, prizes and all that are similar to
those of last year. Only for exhibition set, besides the posters, Wee got a
few of exhibition sets that are laid on the table. That's why the tongue
went missing after the event, cos nobody is guarding the set. That was a
lesson learnt.

In conclusion, all was okay that CSM even told LPE to distribute the excess
souvenirs among the committee members, which has never happened last year.
We have taken quite a number of photos. Rest assured I will forward to you
once it is ready.
> > With NDP over, Sail pass over, NDP traffic control over, OPs loading
> > over, what we left after 12th Aug is the take care of OJTs and
> > personnel going to Changi. Now, the schedule is really changing once
> > every few days.
> I went to the carnival with my friends just now again
> and saw Kenneth cheak again as well as fu Qijie [7th sis]?
> Just joking abt his name :)

Oh, were they guarding the car park? Poor thing. I was involved too on
Thursday, standing at the car park from 1000 hrs to 2000 hrs. I was supposed
to go on off on Friday after that, but because of SFC...
> also called AT and spoke to him.
> he told me Wil in Changi liao. So CN left also ah??
> How abt the spoilt child?

They went there on the 07 August. Now, I'm the only SPECs left. Fortunately,
the spoilt child went there too. It's really cause for a celebration.
> I guess now Liao and neubronner also mood already,
> they clear leave next month? How abt TTW?
> Is he in Changi too??

Of course. Now they have 12 guys there. CSM wants 8 more guys on Tuesday to
go to Changi. That is why schedule keeps changing every now and then.
> > Really thanks to those who have put in effort for the SFC2000.
> > We will settle the OIL thing together with NDP's and merit points one
> > by one.
> U deserve the OFF days and stuff.

So? No time to claim.

> I hope CSM is very nice to u guys
> [or is only OC left in BNB now?]

Can say that. But CSM also comes back once every two days to ensure the
things here are all right. Although I uses his room now, but things disappear
one by one every time he comes back. First the fridge, then the radio and
then the VCD player....

> lets meet up soon. On the cruise!!!
> And relax. I wonder if they have a pool
> on the cruise? Can swim for 1 hr.

Wee and the rest will be discussing this on where to meet, how to dress on
Wednesday. Got camera?


250800 (Fri)

When I was in CSM's room, David Poh came in and told me that chief clerk has been spreading negative remarks about the RP at TBM this morning. Saying that the RP let a stranger board the bus and didn't check his pass didn't do his job.

Then, I gathered all stand-bys available to remind them that the discipline at WTC is dropping and told them about the incident at TBM this morning. Only then did I have the other side of the story was the man waved to the driver and he stopped and let the stranger board the bus. It was the last bus and thus, the RP has already board the last bus. But in the end, the stranger realized that he got on the wrong bus and got down eventually. Chief clerk was in the bus too and saw the guy boarding the bus. Which means in the end, she only spread the first part of the story and kept the second part to herself.

It made BSM so 'du-lang' her that now he got the message printed in the RO that all RSN personnel, including NUSAF are to display their pass; Even if we know the person. This means that chief clerk who usually do not display pass have to display now. This is what I called get a rock and throw onto one's foot. She's sure to complain again saying:" Why should I display my pass. You don't know me meh?"  

I wonder if this chief clerk is lacking of salt content everyday, always like to 'shuo1 xian2 hua4'.


020900 (Sat)

Wonder have I told you about the Brani Uphill Run 2000 traffic control on the 020900?

It was another big event since the RSN event last year May. More than 20 RPs were deployed to do traffic control to control about 400 vehicles (which turned out to be less) and 1000+ runners. Despite the fact that some officers insist on parking on the VIP lot, we still manage to maneuver the correct designated parking lot for the VIPs.

I was cycling up and down the island for 2 whole hours just to ensure they are in their correct position and check for available parking lots, while CSM was driving in the buggy. It was a bit tiring though, but I treat it as a form of morning cycling exercise. Guess what. The person doing rifle salute was not TKM, but a new RP whom we called him Junior Chew. Fortunately, TKM has trained some of the potential RPs to do rifle salute before the event came.

Most important was, CSM and CO was very pleased with the outcome. After the event, he gave one RP a box of something, telling him to distribute to those traffic controllers. CSM told me to give them some incentives; CO has also told OC to tell me to give them incentives. CSM did not even give comments on the process (except he commented the person doing rifle salute was not that 'zai3').

So, I intend to give those traffic controllers 7 points, instead of the normal 3 points. Any comments?


130900 (Wed)

Early in the morning, one RP reported that he had lost his handphone. Everyone was gathered to find out the truth of who is the culprit to dare stealing phone in the department. The incident happened only 20 minutes ago.

When a locker search and body search was conducted halfway, an e-mail came informing that a handphone was found in a bus by base personnel from WSW. Everything was settled only when the phone was found. One thing still puzzling me was, the e-mail was only sent to Nalcom Bulletin Board and not TTC, BMC or other units that is not under NALCOM.


160900 (Sat)

On Friday at Blk 24, TPG tried to tell a 2SG to display pass when he refused. When this 2SG boarded the bus and sat at the rear sitting, GCM saw him pointing middle finger at him. Quickly, he ran from Blk 24 to the side gate and stopped the bus, and told the person to get down.

I was informed instantly, as I was standing at the main gate waiting for the VIP to come for the Wardroom OktoberFest. After much confrontation, we took down the person’s particulars and would refer this matter to OC.


However, today, OC and CSM were not around, and his warrant officer came down early in the morning to try to settle this matter. After both parties confronted, I decided to close the case and treat this as a first warning to the guy.


However, after much comments and finding of loopholes from TKM, I felt like I’ve just waked up. Firstly, if this matter were not serious, they would not come down personally early in the morning. Second thing, the guy would not apologize to GCM, if he really did not did the indecent act. Why did I overlook so many things? If because of this matter that I let it rest so easily and did not do anything, people will loss their confidence in them and when such incident happen again, they will not consult to me anymore and just ignore what happened on the spot.


How? How? I made such a wrong move this time. Is it just because I don't know how to play Chinese or western chess? Or at that critical moment nobody's around except me? Or our system here is really very very slow already that people take advantage of it?


Gave such a big and deep thought about the incident that I decided to call CSM at 1600 hrs shortly after I reached home. Although he did not know head or tail what happened, he would come back on Monday to see whether he can do something about this.


I've told him the case has closed, so he asked what for to reopen the case by him. I told him the case was closed, but it was under the absence of knowledge of him and OC of what happened for the whole incident.


So the only card we can play with the other party when reopening the case is, CSM and OC do not know about this incident when the case was closed. So, they decided to reopen the case and write over my closing of this case. Hope this will salvage the situation.


Wee made a very funny example. The officer wanted to eat the cake, and I blowed out the candle for him. Then, CSM came and asked whose birthday is it. As CSM came late, he wanted the candle to be lit up again, so that he can join in the fun. Hope what Wee said comes true, that CSM will really want the candle to be lit up again.


Am I really going to ORD in pieces and not in peace???


Some more, what to do when I’m gone and who’s going to take over my duty?

This is how I thought of distributing my work:

* Armoury key will be taken over by Pass Office everyday, preferably duty PO Personnel

* THK taking over my traffic offence tabulation, duty roster planning, giving merit points and extras. He will be taken out of prowler duty.

* Yong taking over the approving of car pass and all those pass that I am handling

* RK will be the OJT 2I/C. I will try to find the 3I/C

*AK will be taking over my planning of BOS and Guard Commd duty

However, JS heard from IT, IT heard from CSM that ZR would be taking over my place after I left. I think ZR does not know this, and he also suggests Tan HK taking my place. So how, should I consult CSM when he comes back on Monday? Some more, many told me that it would be hell for them if ZR's going to take over my duty.


Before all these incident, some time back, OC wanted all those at WCO who could not swim to be transferred out to other sentry post, be it whether he is lao jiao or not. I was shocked when he instructed, cos if this is so, all sentry post schedule have to be reshuffled again (it has always been reshuffling ever since new guys come batch by batch). OC's reason being, risk assessment is high. It was just like telling me:" I want this pillar, this, that and that pillar to be removed, but the whole building to stand....".


Fortunately, we managed to convince OC not to reshuffle the schedule. At most, put the non-swimmers at Echo and do not touch them during the intrusion drill. Also don't know what happened to WCO lately. First, a new guy was caught by CSM wearing PT kit doing sentry, and smoke during his duty sentry. Initially, CSM wanted to charge him, but CO let the matter rest and OC just gave him 7 extra under BSM's account. Secondly, another new guy went to Tiong Bahru. He let a 0740hrs bus leave at 0735. An officer ran in order to catch the bus, but the new RP just wave the driver to move off. He told the officer to wait for the 0800hrs bus instead, and in the end, he went to MacDonald's to have his breakfast, together with an OJT, until 0755hrs came back. E-mail came, and complained of this matter. Other than that, the officer complained that the RP put his handphone on his waist, is it part of the uniform? I read the e-mail, and OC shot him back, replying isn't officers doing the same thing, putting handphone on their waist in their no. 3? Last thing that happened two days ago. BY reported sick outside and nobody was informed of this, until OC received his call at around 0930 hrs. After that, we tried to call his home hourly, but nobody picked up the phone, even after 1645 hrs. How come all happened at WCO?


See, even lao jiao is taking advantage of the situation and made OC and I things difficult to handle. But frankly speaking, the dept's system is really breaking down, with only OC and I playing the role. Just because OC is not around and this is the first time I encountered this case (of GCM's), I made such a terrible mistake. For now, at least I can manage to control 60 RPs, but when I'm gone, you can imagine the situation.


Why I say that? When I’m around, they do not dare to do anything funny, like going to WCO and sleep and sleep in the mess room (I caught before and have let them sign extra). When I’m not, all rats came out to play. Situation is totally different for OC. Can say that they really disregard OC whether he is present in the base or not.


Funny, last time my signature is all over the merit book. Now, my signature is also all over the extra book. What an ironic situation we are in now.



061000 (Fri)

Late afternoon. OC went into the mess room and found BY, BC, GCM, LKH and a few were watching porno VCD. When I knew of it, I gathered all stand-bys into the office and conducted stand-by locker. However, IL was not around during the whole search.

We could not find the culprit. As I found the VCD familiar, and according to  BY’s account, we checked on the bag check records and found that it seemed to be the one in CSM’s office’s cabinet. We further confirm it by calling CSM. Then, IL was questioned by OC where he went. He kept saying that he went to PSA, but during his answering, his reply was different for every same question asked by OC. In the end, he said he was sleeping inside CSM’s office without knowing of the commotion happened outside OC's office that lasted for 30 minutes

Why do we suspect him? When CSM came back in the afternoon, around after lunchtime, he told IL to move all the tidbits into his office room. Later, IL came to tell me that CSM is giving him the key and he will have access to it when he needs to, but will not be kept in the Pass Office. I asked him why, and he said Pass Office couldn’t be trusted. Seeing nothing wrong, I just shrugged my shoulder and said okay.

Everybody knows that he is the culprit, for he is the main suspect and held the key all the way. He kept giving false statement from the beginning to the end, contradicting himself.


121000 (Thur)

Today is the day that marked the end of Brani Naval Base. Yesterday, every unit was busy moving their things to their new home, and today, only a few are utilizing the parking lots.

As personnel not involving in the Closing Ceremony went home at 1500 hrs, we were deployed to do traffic control, 185 and 182 SQN being the heart of the parking area for VVIPs. It was quite chaotic in the first place, which became in control after a while. The weather was fine and sunny, being a good weather to mark the last traffic control in the base.

COSCOM, the organizer, and other supporting units, were waiting for the arrival of the VIP, Mr Teo Chee Hean. All went smoothly without a hitch, and the event started with the sun beginning to disappear behind Wharf Charge Office.

I saw the base officially closed; I did my last traffic control. My last bit of energy for the base ended here.


111100 (Sat)

It was exceptionally early for Wee, TKM, Wil and I to be early for our outing. Nevertheless, TKM and Wil was late for half an hour, despite that wee stressed that we have to be here at Borders by 1130hrs

Never mind, we just walked quickly to Delfi where we have booked a room for karaoke session. During our way there, the road was temporarily out of access to all vehicles. All came to light when dozens of vehicles with the number plate labeled with only digits passed by

Immediately we entered the room, we quickly picked a song and started singing away. It was a great pouring out for me, since this was my first time opening my golden mouth so opening. Never did I know that Wee said my voice sounds like Zhang Yu. Despite the short 2 hours session, we had a great time laughing away at our killing pigs and chicken voice

Then, we proceeded to have out lunch at Seoul Gardens, TSC. It was one of the happier meals I had for a long time. Wil kept eating and eating when we were so full, as if he is going to have his winter sleep after the meal.

Although we felt drowsy after the hearty meal, we went for our shopping spree, where they would buy their CDs and I, my long desired handphone. All of us did not go home empty-handed. We had our coffee at StarBucks after the shopping. 


071200 (Fri, evening)

I went to Pasir Ris and meet up with TKM and Wee, before TLT appears. He has booked the chalet at NTUC Pasir Ris Resort and had invited tons of friends to his birthday party. ET, TPS, BT, and a few of those long-time-no-see friends came and we had a long chitchat time.

Still haughty as ever, BT made fun of TLT by smashing pieces and pieces of cakes onto his face. It was already late in the night, and the 4 of us stayed in until the next afternoon.


 101200 (Sun)

More or less I had made my clearance, and was ready to leave this place and never to come back again. Nevertheless, few days before my ORD, Chief Clerk told me that there would be a mock exercise this weekend. Silent or open mob, nobody knows. By left, I would ORD on Saturday. By right, I would still be under NS on Sunday. And she said that there was cases where a personnel had to come back for the mob just one day before his ORD.  Fortunately, such incident did not happen, and I was glad it did not give me such a big and surprise present on the last day of my NS.


ORD lor!!!