This was taken on 14 Oct 2000, two days after the closing ceremony. This day was the actual day when the door to BNB closed.    
      Hmmm... why do I have such hairstyle at that time?? :)
    CISCO main gate: A place to go in the morning for prowlers, a place to stand for 10-12 & 2-4 for late comers, and a place to stand for hormat salute for VIPs              



All personnel visiting the base were to change their ICs to either green or red pass. The sliding window was added not long to reduce infiltration


PO personnel would usually play bad guy by shouting for stand-by to escort rubbish truck into base. New birds would be the one ker-nah

              After 3pm would be our healthy life style. Either we would play basketball, or swim in this 'abnormal state' pool. Some garang ones would go for gym to workout. However, nobody would play soccer here. Why? Only ex-branians would keep this answer in their heart for ever and ever