BDS, where most ORD personnel come back for reservist. It seemed that there is something unclean in part of this building          

Blk 24 bus stop. New shuttle bus service was added to ply between TBM to BNB in Nov 1999. Note a prowler sitting, who was looking on the discipline of the Brani Residents during peak hour. But he seemed like toa bek gong glued to the chair


Wharf Charge Office that faced the southern part of the island for intrusion lookout. A famous quote spouted from here:" Come rain or shine, I will always be here!!!"


At Brani's highest hill top. One can oversee the view of PSA


Taken at 'A' berth, an abandoned small jetty. A pity the personnel spoiled the scenery, but fortunately his face is too small to be recognized, but still could see his permed hair

      There is one spot in Brani, where few people know about it. There is this remote 'white house' down the remote hill slope (as shown), which was left behind during the Japanese Occupation. The roots and soil had covered most parts of the roof, making us difficult to differentiate between ground floor and basement. Besides the underground tunnel discovered at Labrador Park that is linked to another one at Sentosa, there is also a third one here. The cover can be opened, but the tunnel is already flooded with muddy water. Perhaps the underground structure has already collapsed. Again, the personnel here spoilt the eerie atmosphere