Brani Provost's Culture and Custom                          
Word Meaning        
Twung1 To go missing during stand-by. Past tense Twang, adjective twunging        
Bao1 Doh4 To report happenings of the other party to superior behind their back. Bao doh kia ~ person who reports happenings to superior. Bao doh machine ~ Person who reports without fail and fatigue  
Project Eyeball New term used on early August by Chester. Meaning as above        
MIA Missing in action. To go missing during an execution of task or assignment  
Dao1 Proud; put on air        
Yen2 Neh4 Mister. Created by Lee Wei Chuan        
Hiao2 Vain        
Salah Not correct; wrong. Created by Wilmer        
Bhor-bhor canteen A van that travelled around the base selling snacks. Practise ceased in August 1999. Would come with the honing. The vendor moved a a permanent block since  
Qie4 To 'slice'. New RPs were made to do more sentry hours than required by the seniors  
Lily Sissy or girly. Created by Sotong        
Smelly-smelly Hokkien as 'cao4-cao3'. Meaning just enough to. Created by Wilmer        
Xin1 Jiao4 New Birds. Meaning new or junior RPs        
Lao3 Jiao4 Old Birds. Meaning senior RPs        
Cao4 Gheng1 Soldier who always gives themselves excuses like stun MC (Attend C), report sick, or take urgent leave so that they can excuse themselves from things that they did not wish to do or made to do.  
Stun 1) Sudden issue of official document to excuse one from doing duty. 2) Sudden unforeseen situation created out from one to excuse themselves from doing duty  
Attend A SAF Term. Meaning suitable for normal duty        
Attend B SAF Term. Meaning light duty to be given only        
Attend C SAF Term. Meaning MC at home