/ 100


























1.      You are given 01 hour 30 mins to complete the test.


2.      You are to write NEATLY and DELIGENTLY in the answer space provided.


3.      Write your NRIC, RANK and DATE on the cover sheet of this test paper.


4.      During this period of the test, no conversation is allowed between testees.


5.      Notify the supervisor(s) if you have questions to ask.


6.      This paper consists of Section A (Pass Office), Section B (Echo/WCO), Section C (Prowlers), Section D (A1400) and Section E (Others).


7.      You are encouraged to check through the answers upon completion of the paper.


8.      Marks will be allocated at each of the question.


9.      Testees caught cheating will be severely dealt with.


10.  Total marks for this test is 100 marks.




SECTION A --- PASS OFFICE           [20m]


PART I—True/False Statement (Circle where appropriate) [5m]


1)                  Light green ‘V’ pass personnel must book out by 1645 hrs.   ( T / F )


2)                  The colour of the car label for a Captain holding CO position is red.     ( T / F )


3)                  A contractor is allowed to be escorted by the host unit even when he has no clearance.     ( T / F )


4)                  SAF/RSN female personnel are allowed to book in after 12 midnight.     ( T / F )


5)                  The equivalent rank for NB2 is Staff Seargeant.     ( T / F )


PART II---Fill in the blanks [5m]


1)                  The colour of the car label for 2WO Officer & LTC are __________ & __________ respectively.


2)                  The type of security clearance needed to enter A1400 without escort is __________.


3)                  The duration needed to apply for a carpass in advance is __________ days.


4)                  The background colour of Master Sergeant and Contractor’s security pass are _________ & __________  in colour respectively.


5)                  Provisional car pass will only be issued to rank __________ and above.


PART III---Structured Questions


1)                  Under what circumstances the T-pass will be issued? [1m]



2)                  How would you differentiate pass of Base personnel from PCG personnel? [2m]



PART IV---Situation Test


1)                  While on rounds one day, you see a person wearing a TUAS T-Pass. What should you do? [1m]



2)                  It is 1730 hrs. Pass Office received a call from BOC, saying that a ship at Papa Berth caught fire. What are the things the Pass Office personnel will do under this situation? [6m]






SECTION B --- ECHO / WCO   [20m]        


PART I—Multiple Choice Question [5m]


1)                  While performing duty at Echo Tower, you see a civilian craft crossing the intrusion line and heading towards the wharf. Which of the following will you carry out?

a)                  Call FOC to confirm if the craft is expected

b)                  Call WCO and them that there is an intrusion

c)                  Just let the craft pass through your location

d)                  Inform OC/CSM Provost (during office hours)/BDO after office hours              (           )


2)                  The call-signs for WCO and BOC are ___________________ respectively.

a)                  November1 & Echo

b)                  Whiskey & Alpha1

c)                  Whiskey & November

d)                  November & November1                                                                                             (           )


3)                  OBM is started 3 times a day. What is the duration for each starting?

a)                  3 mins

b)                  5 mins

c)                  8 mins

d)                  10 mins                                                                                                                        (           )


4)                  Any 3 items contained in the Anti-intrusion Kit Box in the assault boat at WCO are

a)                  Loud hailer, oar, spark plug

b)                  Binoculars, diver torch, PRC 77

c)                  Thunder flash, battery, loud hailer

d)                  Life jacket, diver torch, thunder flash                                                                             (           )


5)                  The frequency used for HRC732 at WCO during an operation  is

a)                  70.85 MHz

b)                  75.00 MHz

c)                  75.50 MHz

d)                  80.75 MHz

e)                  70.50 MHz                                                                                                                  (           )








PART II---Structured Questions


1)                  Name the intrusion point at Echo Tower and Wharf Charge Office (WCO). [2m]



2)                  What is the role of the Echo Tower? [2m]



3)                  At Echo Tower, on sight of intruders, what is the safety aspect that the duty personnel got to observe when shining the searchlight at the vessel? [1m]




4)                  Name Four important items in Echo Tower. [2m]



PART III---Long Questions [8m]


1)                  Give a brief description of the WCO anti-sea intrusion drill.





SECTION C --- PROWLERS               [20m]


PART I---Fill in the blanks [5m]


1)                  The 4th and 6th checkpoints along the prowling route are __________ & __________ respectively.


2)                  The manning hours at WTC on Saturday in the morning is __________hrs to __________hrs.


3)                  The manning hours at the slipway gate on Wednesday in the evening is __________hrs to __________hrs.


4)                  __________ are strictly not allowed to enter base maingate or slipway gate.


5)                  The time required for turnout for prowler is __________ mins.


PART II--- True/False Statement (Circle where appropriate) [5m]


1)         When heavy rain occurs during one of the duty prowler’s detail, he should initially wait for one hour, and if persist, forgo and write in the occurrence book and let BOS sign.     ( T / F )


2)         Every Saturday morning at WTC interchange, SAF/RSN personnel wearing SAF/RSN PT kit is not allowed to board the shuttle bus due to his improper attire.     ( T / F )


3)         At WTC interchange, the only RSN personnel who do not have to queue up are officers or passes with a red or green background shown in his BNB/TNB pass.     ( T / F )


4)         The places of intrusion for turnout are old and new armoury, TTC and hilltop.     ( T / F )


5)         The Tiong Bahru timing for Saturday afternoon is 1245hrs to 1400hrs.     ( T / F )


PART III---Short Questions [5m]


1)                  Upon the anti-intrusion drill at New armoury, what is the RP supposed to check at the place of intrusion? [2m]



2)                  For prowlers, name 3 things to equip with when going for prowling during dry weather. [3m]



PART IV---Situation Test [5m]


1)                  One detail prowler is supposed to prowl 0400-0600. It was 0410hrs and it is raining heanily with lightning and thunder. Guard Commander and BOS are resting in the office. Given the scenario, give a brief description of what the detail prowler is supposed to do when:

a)                  the heavy rain persists until 0455hrs with lightning?

b)                  The heavy rain persists until 0520hrs without lightning?






SECTION D --- A1400        [20m]


PART I---Fill in the blanks [5m]


1)                  The frequency used at A1400 using HRC732 during Ops Sentinal is __________MHz.


2)                  The main emergencies in A1400 are Fire, _________, explosion, __________ & __________.


3)                  The only vehicles that can enter A1400 are __________ & __________.


PART II---Short Questions [10m]


1)                  Briefly describe Ops Loading and Ops Sentinal. Hence, or otherwise, describe their difference.[3]



2)                  Briefly state what is the RP supposed to do during a Power Failure. [3]



3)                  Name the type and quantity of any 4 important items accountable at A1400. [4]

a)                  ______________________________________________________

b)                  ______________________________________________________

c)                  ______________________________________________________

d)                  ______________________________________________________

PART III---Situation Questions [5m]


1)                  On one fine Saturday midnight, a MID vehicle called on A1400, saying that they need to go inside A1400 due to an emergency operation. They only have an ‘A’ clearance for their security pass. Given the above scenerio, what is the duty personnel supposed to do under such situation?




SECTION E --- OTHERS            [20m]


PART I---True/False Questions (Circle where appropriate) [10m]


1)                  The following offences are bookable:

a)         RSN personnel tucking out PT rig         ( T / F )                                                                       

b)                 RSN personnel failure to display pass in their PT rig                   ( T / F )

c)                  Personnel wearing overall with waist pouch                    ( T / F )

d)                 Ship personnel failure to display pass when coming out of ship to throw rubbish. ( T / F )

e)                  Wearing of safety boots in No. 3 uniform.          ( T / F )

f)                   Personnel wearing wind-breaker (issued by RSN) in no. 3.        ( T / F )


2)                  The extension number for BOC and CISCO are 155 & 209 respectively.          ( T / F )


3)         RSN has 5 commands: COSCOM, NALCOM, TRACOM, FLEET & HQ RSN. CCOBNB is under NALCOM command.                    ( T / F )


4)         In regarding the clamping of cars, RPs are to clamp the wheel on the driver’s side.                     ( T / F )


5)         Personnel from SIB or MINDEF are allowed to walk around the base with their pass.   ( T / F )


6)         RPs are to unclamp the vehicle in the presence of the driver.     ( T / F )


7)         Our NALCOM Commander is LTC Tay Tiong Beng. His vehicle number is MID 33.   ( T / F )


8)         One of the vehicles that we can book is vehicle from PCG.                    ( T / F )






PART II---Fill in the blanks [10m]


1)                  When a vehicle is being wheel-clamped, unless authorized by Camp Commandant to unclamp it, the actual time that the vehicle can be unclamped is __________ hrs. [1]


2)                  Name any 3 factors to look out for, that the RPs are to issue summons or clamp a vehicle when they are on rounds. [3]


a)                  ________________________________________________________________________

b)                  ________________________________________________________________________

c)                  ________________________________________________________________________


4)         The abbreviation for FOC is ______________________________________________________ .


3)                  Fill in the table below as in during the bagcheck. [5]

a)                  One stack of documents: 12 pages restricted, 04 confidential & 10 secret.

b)                  02 albums of pirated audio CDs, 3 pieces, titled ‘ABC’ and ‘XYZ’.

c)                  One computer cable, serial no. 1234567

d)                  08 pieces of 3R size photos, showing the interior room of one of the ships.

e)                  01 personal and 01 restricted diskettes (no serial number), and a zip disk, serial no. 3713110


Mk X





Camera / accessories




Camera Film(s)




Desktop / Laptop Computer(s)




Computer Accessories








CD Rom(s)








Obscene Materials(s)




Video Camera / Accessories




Video Tape(s)




Video CD(s)








Illegal Drugs










***End of Paper***