The RPs, batch by batch, generation by generation, had continued the practice of  burning offerings to our 'brothers' on the island whenever the 7th lunar month is coming.


Coming midnight of the last day of 6th lunar month, all RPs who were on sentry that day, would start the burning of offerings to them. Night by night, all RPs on sentry and had not pay their respect would have to do it ASAP. That was the crucial period when all the spirits from hell came out of the Door of Hell to the mortal world.


For Pass Office personnel, they would conduct their offering just outside the Pass Office. Lighting the joss sticks and plant them on the edge facing the slope, holding two joss sticks on their hand and prayed around. Tossing the two 20 cents coin to ask for their consent to burn the offerings to pray for their safety.


For prowlers, they would usually conduct on the hill top, which when anything happens, heaven could not answer your distress. Moreover, sometimes when the prowlers went to the hill top, they would feel a sudden chill blowing towards them and one of the trees swaying away (rows of old and packed trees are planted many years ago), even when the surrounding air was still. That is why it is a must place to pray for their safety.


For personnel at the wharf, they would pray facing the sea to make offering to those who died in the sea.


For A1400 personnel, the offerings were made facing the hill slope that is in front of the guard house. That was because during usual month, some was able to see a figure in white flashing from one tree to another, or from one branch to another. If unlucky enough, you would see it displaying its head off in front of your sight.


A second offering is made before the 14th day of 7th lunar month. The same reason applies.


According to some of the RPs, those who did not and missed the crucial period would met with unexplained happenings to them. Like.... found themselves sleeping just along the edge of the wharf, or felt the exceptionally chilly breeze that could make your goose bump stands, at the hilltop.