Old Changi Hospital, by day, is nothing but a picture of abandoned premise. The mortuary is empty. The freezer box that once contained corpse were empty too. Little light penetrated the room, giving some pity to the fresh paint on the wall, and the floor that was coated with a layer of dust and dried leaves.

Leaving by the other exit, we climbed up to the upper storey leading to the SAF medical ward. Spacious, as you can described, for all the beds had moved. Only the counter just outside the entrance of the ward were scattered with papers. Inside the ward, you can see candles on the floor, which indicated that people had came in the night to experience the spooky atmosphere before we were here.

With camera on hand, we decided to take some pictures of this place, since we do not come here often....

The photos turned out fine, except.... notice a glazing white ray outside the window that took the shape of a human figure!!! Song1 Ban1, this photo has not being altered with computer graphics. A 100% original photo. It was not noticed till the film was developed.