The Prowler Family: We had ups and downs at times, discrepancies and quarrels occasionally, success and setbacks on and off, seeing eye to eye and disagreements sometimes. We may had to mark a clear line between superior and subordinate frequently, but we are and become friends outside the camp, subsequently


What a touching scene to see prowlers, A1400 and WCO personnel mingling together despite past disputes and differences....


Pass Office Warriors: different attire shows disunity??? Note the white board behind, written with names of those who did not pay up for the Styrofoam box money. Sigh... to think that pass office had to resort to such chore...

Seeing all 4 main sentry I/Cs here is a good sign    
          A photo taken upon a cruise deck. All the pugilistic leaders and envoys are here. Say cheese! As an evidence for your attendance and archieve

As this guy did a lot of bad things to new birds, hence his face was censored.

"....I felt so remorseful. I know I did quite a thing against my conscience. Hope when we meet outside,  you all will still say hi to me. But all for oneself, right?"

Brani's F4