My scope of work:  
  • Traffic I/C:

To ensure traffic and car parking order in base. Going rounds issuing summon, reacting to replies, and update monthly statistics. To clamp cars if necessary.

  • To take charge of A1400 sentry
  • To take charge of prowler
  • To take charge of bi-monthly bag check

To stay in and prepare props for bag check for next day, only after 11pm. To confiscate unauthuorised item, record in a book and send to Tanjong Berlayer. To address to some with explanation. Highest record found was 50+ R(A) VCDs found behind car boot.

My completed assignments (Traffic control and deployment):  
  • CNV Change of Command Dinner at Shangri-La Hotel (first traffic control experience)
  • NDP 2000 Carnival at the Bay opening ceremony at Marina South (To stop president's car, hee)
  • NDP 2000 Reception & Appreciation Dinner at Suntec City
  • Brani Uphill Run
  • Brani Closing Ceremony
  • Changi Naval Base Opening Ceremony
  • RSN Run at MacRitchie Reservoir x 2
My completed assignments (Event Organization):  
  • Smoke-Free Campaign 1999 (with no experience)
  • Smoke -Free Campaign 2000 (with experience already)

The need to dedicate task like food & beverage, prize hunting, games, event site layout, liaising with chief PTI, MO and CO, admin and logistics, invitation, publicization, Medic HQ for props, etc...

(Left picture) During the event in 2000, there was this interesting and unexpected incident taking place. The exhibit (denture and tongue) circled in yellow was tampered with. Wondering who was the culprit who was so interested in the real-like tongue??? The truth is yet to be out of light!!!  
My Initiated Work:  
  • Implemented new examination system and paper (Paper A to E, in increasing difficulty) for new RPs
  • Implemented absence status form
  • Implemented traffic offence/discipline booking monitor chart as part of 'carrot' points

Did so much work, of course tired lah....