(Prelude, before reporters came) Mr JL:" Friend (Mr EC), u want to fight with me the Green Apple Prize? Wait for another 10 years..."

EC was stunned by JL's remarks. CW was there watching show.


Actors and actresses began to come in. So were the reporters. JL gave a graceful smile, ET (in white) seemed to be trying to be in low profile. Miss KS and Mr ST arrived too.


Maybe heaven is blind, JL was really given the Best Green Apple Prize. Look at the sinister smile and cockiness.


CW was given the most popular male artiste prize. Sigh.... who knows his character behind the scene?

  When presenting best supporting male artiste to Mr JT, JL still gave the same smile, trying to imply to EC that " you cannot win me, you cannot win me...."  
Oh, why ET, being the best male actor, not able to smile more happily than CW?  

Ms KS, being the only actress, of course will get the best supporting female actress, as well as best leading female actress.



(After the show) In front of the reporters, of course we have to be glamorous and look like a family to them. Cheers to next year Star Search 2005!!!