Before turning in, taking a shot with his cat found on the street. Before turning in was assumed, as the shirt looks like pajamas

2 years later. Took a photo showing his highlighted long hair. Just wondering why was he raising his right hand???          

Tired of the place in bursting city, decided to move to some place in the farm during the hottest period of the day. Does this image familiar to Faye Wong's 'New Tenant'?    
                  Being a cat lover, the cat (also found on the street) was given first attention despite numerous furniture and item to be sorted and arranged
A man-made bonsai planted by the owner, with only 2 stones, a bare land and a purposely very slanted positioned tree. Asked why no hut, no people fishing or people sitting under the tree, the reply was: too artificial. Well, bonsai is also an artificial planting, isn't it???


Requested by the owner to put up some of his pain-stakingly planted plants to show that he is not only a cat-lover, but also loves plants and nature

Where can I find a place where I can wear white pants below hip waist? East Coast Park? No. Police will charge under nudity act. Sentosa? No. No kick at all. Of course it's at Gold Coast!!
Not being ostentatious now, when will be the time??? Waiting for Lion time???