Small I, Big Me Part I                          
Q: How would you describe yourself to differentiate with other babies?    
Well, that's a though question, since all babies look alike. I can only say that I had stayed in my mother's womb for 10mths and 3 weeks. Is that different enough?  
Q: How would you describe yourself to differentiate with other guys then?  
Hmmm... think neatness and tidiness best describes me. I can't tolerate vice versa  
Q: Can I presume that you prefer tranquility then?  
Yah. So you won't find me in discotheque or pub. We have only a pair of ears. Why should we torture them with loud and meaningless noise? But frankly speaking, I had only went to a pub once and that was the last.    
Q: Why? Maybe it's loud, but tolerable. And that's where many young people would frequent.    
The cigarette smoke puts me off. I don't drink beer, wine and liquor either. Why should I follow? Maybe you can say i'm square, but I would label them 'emptiness'.    
Q: Is there any other things you don't like?  
Well, people who gossip behind other people's back. If they have better nothing to do, might as well confront the other party for truth, and I'm sure that is more exciting.

People who apple-polish? Well, I've seen two in my life so far. Their act of currying favour diminished their dignity completely, as if at the mercy of the other party. At least a dog would wag their tail and walk away with dignity.

Q: Injecting Botox is the 'in' thing nowadays. So you won't be following, right?          
One should know his needs. Why follow when you have known your needs? Injecting Botox is only temporary and a surface thing. Want wrinkles to appear late is to sleep before 12am. That is the time your skin starts its repairing everyday. Although it is time consuming and long process, it is permanent.  
Q: Who is your favourite singer(s)?  
Faye Wong. Out of my 10 friends, only 2.5 of them likes her song. Some commented that her singing style is the same as Jay, but i beg to differ. Maybe my frequency is able to pick up her singing? I also like Teresa Teng's songs, very enchanting, simple yet many able to sing her song. Think both have similar style, and most importantly is different from other singers. I'm also beginning to like Ge Lan's songs.  
Q: Then who is your first idol?  
Perhaps everybody thought my first idol is Faye Wong. But that begins when I was in Sec 4. My 1st idol was Sky Wu, which can be traced back to Primary 5.  
Q: You cook, don't you? When and why did you learn to cook?  
To be precise, i learnt to cook rice when i was 8. I only pick up spade at age 12. I could still remember back then I was very unwilling to learn. It was my mother who forced me. In the end, I cook better than her, ha.... it has even become my hobby.  
Q: So how would you rate your cooking and what is your specialty dish?  
Well, at least it's palatable for three meals a day, 3 veg and one soup. Specialty dish? Maybe chopped onion in black chicken soup and soy sauce chicken (Ingredients: Bei Qi to improve immune system by 90%, Huai Shan to improve lungs function, Wolfberry to improve eye-sight, red dates for blood circulation).