Small I, Big Me Part II          
Q: What kind of dish will you use to describe yourself?    

Mmm.... Seafood Tom Yam Soup? The soup may look clear and plain, but it gives one a sudden spicy feeling when sipping a mouthful. You know what I mean lah, hee...

Q: Can you mention few favorite dishes you like?    

My mother's pig stomach and intestine soup, and my father's salted vegetable duck soup. But they have become rare delicacy.

Q: What is your proudest thing you've done?  
To be able to hard bound my final year project thesis in the end. You can imagine binding all your year's sweat, effort and result into a nicely packaged product, and tell everyone that you have done this project yourself (of course with supervisor's guidance lah).  
Q: Then what is your most regretful thing you've committed?  

To study in university. I had actually wanted to give up in my very first semester, and the thought of giving it up continued till 2nd semester. Main reason to be the most regretful thing is....

Q: So that is also your most difficult decision to make?  

You can say that. My last difficult decision to make was after I had received my PSLE result, I had to choose between express and normal class. But this time was worse. To decide whether to quit the university course on the very first week.

Q: Who is the person you hate most?  
My father's father. Although he had passed away, my hatred for him vanished but not forgiveness. Why do i hate him? The story will have to start from 1948....  
Q: Then who is the person you like most?  

My mother's mother. She passed away in 1984, but i could still remember her love showered on us when I were small. My father's younger sister too. I remembered once she took me to a provision shop and intended to buy me balloons, and you know balloons that time were sold loose. I had wanted to blow it on the spot, but she quickly stopped me and complained to the owner that the rim was very dirty. Alas, she passed away too, but peacefully in her sleep.

Q: Is there anybody you feel grateful to?
My Sec 3 & 4 Chinese teacher, Ms Tan Ah Eng. She had given me many chances in participating in Chinese calligraphy, story-telling, current affairs, composition, and  many many.  
Q: Do you have a wide social circle of friends?  
No. Cos in my dictionary, 'friend' is defined in terms of quality, and not quantity.  
Q: When was your most glory moment?  
Ha... should be during secondary school days. I was the top 7 since sec 1, and attained the highest score for science in sec 2 ad-hoc. I had also scored the highest for Arts in sec 2 exam for Arts. 1st runner-up was also the achievement I got for Chinese Calligraphy (using ballpoint pen, of course) during sec 3, and the only male winner, ha......