Small I, Big Me Part III                          
Q: Why did you choose to study Civil Engineering in the first place?  

First, I would like to define what is Civil Engineering, in case some do not know what it is. In this course, one would learn the design of building construction, traffic network system, drainage and sewerage. Neh, the recent Nicoll Highway collapse, cracks found in Golden Mile Complex, flood in April, all these we have to take care.

Ok. Back to main point. Well, it should be interest. Since small, i liked to play with legos and such and use it to build houses and flats, construction sites and house units. At one time, i bought a lot of eraser and ice-cream sticks and used it to construct MRT lines criss-crossing one another. Seeing all these being built by myself gave me satisfaction and great achievement.


To end the play, I would 'demolish' the buildings conventionally or created some earthquake and see the buildings toppled and collapsed. So maybe i had chosen this course in Polytechnic without much consideration, plus inherited genes from my father?

Q: Since you like civil engineering so much, have you tried composing a song for it?  
Why compose when there's already one? "We build a nation, with our hands....", find this line very familiar?  
Is there other wield things you like?  

Sure wield enough, i like to study Chinese Etymology. That is, history of chinese characters. I do not know who i got the genes from, but it has really enlightened me on a lot of things. For instance, the character for 'tie3' (metal), was actually invented only after the Qin dynasty.

I am also interested to study geomancy. Some may find it superstitious, but I BELIEVE in it. Else, it would not have passed down for 5000 years.

          Moreover, there is a saying: 1st, see your life, then your luck, and last one is feng shui. So, I also believe one's birth date also determines their lifetime.  
Q: Youngsters nowadays don't like Chinese and do not know how to speak either. What is your opinion on this issue?  

Pity them. Not b'cos they lost their culture roots, but b'cos they have become sacrifices of the harsh and realistic society. Just because Chinese culture do not have much momentary and economic value here, parents did not bother to 'irrigate' the roots. As time passes, there'll be many yellow skin and white meat, and that will be the time we'll see a true alien standing in front of us.

Q: Besides maybe working in engineering field, which field would you like to be?  

Actually had wanted to teach Chinese. But b/cos only have 'O' level Chinese, they rejected. Some of my friends were offered to teach Chinese, and they declined. Wouldn't it similar to those people who want children cannot conceive, and those can conceive don't want children???

Well, I'm also interested in webpage design and graphic arts. If given opportunities, I will also like to advance in this field.