Small I, Big Me Part IV                          
Q: You said Faye Wong is your idol since 1994. How does it come about?  

I started to pay attention to Faye Wong, when I bought her first album in 1994, entitled 'Without Remorse'. Then, I would buy her second album 'Sky', then her third, fourth, until today 'Jiang Ai'. Out of every ten songs she sang for every album, I will be hooked by all of them. She has a very unique vocal voice, that rarely anybody can catch her style and rhythm. Her mesmerizing, enchanting, mysterious voice has done much off for her every new album publicity. No advertisement on TV, not much on radio either. Just look out for her new album. That's the only motivation and homework we have to do. It really does test people who truly appreciates.


Q: So, you were crazy about her already back then?  

No. My admiration for her was not confirmed, until I was in Brani Naval Base in 1999, where many, but only one in there, is crazy for her. Being 'polluted' by him of Faye Wong, I became more appreciated of her singing, and made a more look out. But of course, not look out for her new concerts or join any fans' clubs. That's far too mesmerizing. 

Q: But what really makes you attract to her, of all female singers?  

Besides her vocal and singing style, what attracts me was her suave character, who does not pay any attention to what the media sees about her. Do not care about any publicity made to her, keeping a low profile that makes her in a very high profile, and do whatever she likes, regardless of what others think. I will always remember one interview she made on radio when a reporter asked about her private life:".... None of your business!" (guan1 ni3 men2 she3 me shi4, as in mandarin) was her short and sharp reply. A statement that sees blood with the prick of a needle.

Q: Which album do you like best and which are not?  
I liked her 'Fu Zao' album the least, and 'Jing Cai' album the most.  
Q: You've said before Ge Lan is also one of your idol. Who is she?  

She's not my idol, but just admiring her songs. She was one of the famous singers in the 1950's, but retired in the 60's. She was also called Grace Chan. Her famous songs include 'Waiting for you to come back', 'If without you', 'Hypocrite', 'Sneeze', 'I want to fly to the sky', 'I want your love', 'JaJamBo', 'Cha Shao Bao' (My most favourite) and more.

Q: Mmm.. You seems to like old songs a lot?  

Well, you've already said they are old songs. Still, so many people (older generations) remembers them. I find that old songs have more taste, fine substance and up to standard, and am able to withstand the fast changing era. If anyone knows Zhou Xuan, the famous singer in the 1930's, I'm sure they know her most famous song was 'Tian Ya Ge Nu'. You may say I'm 'cao4 lao3', listening to grandmother's songs. Well, that is art. Or maybe because there was Ridifussion at home when I was young, hence the influence.