Small I, Big Me Part VI            

Q: What is your favorite food and drink?  
A: Well, I like fried Spinach with mushrooms, and soya bean milk.  
Q: What is your most hated fruit and why?  
A: Rambutan. The skin always stick to the fruit, and eating the skin is just like eating the outer layer of cement mortar.  
Q: What is your favorite bread and its filling?  

A: Well, this is sure not going to be sold outside. spread the traditional white bread with butter generously, then top it up with the spicy hey bee hiam, slurp.... slurp...

Q: What would you do when you're frustrated?  
A: Run! Run with all my might. Energy of frustration builds up very fast. So, have to run fast to drain my energy of frustration in order not to vent my anger on others. Another method is to swim as fast and as much as I can. Third method is to do house work, be it mopping the floor, cleaning the dust, or washing toilet; as long as I'm moving...
Q: And What would you do when you're bothered or depressed?  

A: Sleep. Think too much makes me wants to sleep. Just hope the sleep will help me to forget part of the troubles. If not, I would listen to Faye Wong's songs. At least listen to my favorite songs help me cheer up a bit.


Q: What will be your reaction when someone's using their fault to annoy you?  

A: This may sound difficult to do, but try to remember this phrase: Don't use other's fault to punish yourself.

Q: Will you fight with all might to get things what you desire?  

A: Depends on heavenly time, geographical opportune, and human co-ordination. Also: It will always be yours if fate allows. It will never be yours no matter how you fight for it (ming4 li3 you3 shi2 zong1 xu1 you3. Ming4 li3 wu2 shi2 mo4 qiang3 qiu2).