Small I, Big Me Part V                

Q: Ok, actually I've found out that your zodiac is Pisces, and have drafted out an evaluation form. Do you mind filling up the form by entering score out of 100? 1 is totally strongly disagree, and 100 being totally strongly agree.

1) You can often understand the problems of others quite easily. SCORE: 70

2) You have a sympathetic nature. SCORE: 80

3) You are very broad minded and does not criticize others for their faults. SCORE: 87

4) You know how to accept people for what they are. SCORE: 79

5) You are a trustworthy and earnest person. SCORE: 85

6) You are generous and good-natured. SCORE: 70 / 88

7) You are a lover of Peace. SCORE: 95


8) You have a strong intuitive sense and most of the time you know how to make it work for you. SCORE: 64

9) You believe that everyone should help each other. SCORE: 78

10) You're willing to do more than your share in order to achieve coorporation with others. SCORE: 82

11) You are talented in music or art. SCORE: 86

12) You are able to take the ups and downs of life with philosophic calm. SCORE: 60

13) You may feel that you have being given a bad deal in life and that others are always taking unfair advantage of you. SCORE: 80

14) You may sometimes feel that the world is a cold and cruel place. SCORE: 77

15) You are rather short on willpower. SCORE: 65

16) When facing ups or down, you seek escape through drugs or alcohol. SCORE: 1

17) Rather dreamy in your ways. You are responsive and impressionable. SCORE: 75 / 75

18) Your behaviour is often a riddle to others. You may seem secretive about the smallest, most unimportant things, yet open in important matters. SCORE: 66

19) You are a gentle and kind person. You would never do anything that would injured someone's feelings. SCORE: 81

20) You can appear to be a bit helpless and lacking in self-confidence. SCORE: 78

21) You are a person who likes peace and quiet. SCORE: 95

22) You are not a fighter by nature. If others abuse your generosity and openness, you are not likely to put up a fight. SCORE: 70

23) You are usually a sensitive person. Sometimes you takes offence when none is intended. SCORE: 88

24) Usually methodical in your work. SCORE: 87

25) You adapts yourself to whatever situation you finds yourself in. SCORE: 90

26) Mysterious things attracts you. SCORE: 94

27) Subjects that interest you have a complete hold on you until you knows them inside-out. SCORE: 90

28) Quite often people born under the sign of Pisces looks younger than he really is. SCORE: 30

29) Money does not interest you for what it is but for what it can do. SCORE: 87

30) You are a home lover by nature. SCORE: 86

31) You like a home that is neat and tidy: SCORE: 92