(After HRM lesson): Due to paradigm shift, we need to go globalization in order to stay employable. Hence the need to attend HRM in CE course. How would u differentiate if we are wearing genuine smile or just emotion labour, hee....

 Hint: Tightening of muscles around the eye. We may come from different tutorial groups, but we accept diversity with openness and willingness to be curious      


However, a genuine smile would only last for 2 to 5 seconds. So, who's being smiling from the 1st to 3rd photos??? Such situation may lead to emotion exhaustion.


In 1990, there was TCS's '3 Pretty Faces'. In 2004, there is also '3 Pretty Faces' in CE.... This is due to their timely self-awareness that allowed them to find true meaning of work, and hence able to give trust and loyalty to HRM tutors, which resulted in full work commitment.