As Pulau Ubin is isolated from Singapore, the Ubin residents do not get their daily necessities and groceries easily like us. Hence, the provisional shop houses on the island has helped the residents in solving this problem. However, as more Ubin residents moved out of the island to Singapore, shop owners can only now earn their living through tourists and visitors visiting the island, especially during the weekends. They are what we really called convenient store.


The villagers keep poultry such as chickens and ducks to sell and earn some living from it. They would keep the poultry in the cage above ground level (as above), so that the poultry will not be easily devoured by wild boars.



One of the typical kitchens that still exists today. Their stoves are made of concrete, and they would use the paper (on the stove table) and twigs to start the fire. This kitchen is not within the house, and it is a few meters away from the house.



One of the typical Malay houses in the Malay kampong. They combined the architect of raised platform and ground platform, to give this house a unique look.



A simple toilet (or to be specific, latrine) made up of only zinc roof, four wooden pillars and three wooden planks as walls. A typical 'fossil' latrine located right next to the stream for obvious purpose. Fortunately, it is no longer used.