To go to Pulau Ubin, one has to take a bum boat at Changi Jetty (Serangoon Harbour). Each person will pay for $2/- per trip, and each bum boat will only take a maximum of 12 people. Boarding the bum boat, one will indulge in the loud engine noise and the smell of diesel fumes. But that will not spoil the scenery between Mainland Singapore and Pulau Ubin. The wooden bum boats will greet the island with its old car tyres that are alongside the boat for cushioning the bump, colliding to the other bum boat and stopped for alighting.  Sometimes, one has to cross over a few boats with the gap in between the boat with prudence.



Due to the increasing number of visitors to Pulau Ubin, the number of bicycle shops that are run by Chinese, sprung up in the 1980's like bamboo shoots. Due to stiff competition, their prices also varies, from S$3.50 to $6/- for the whole day, depending on the quality of bicycle you desire. Whether you want a basket to be tied in front of the bicycle, or to add a baby cradle, you name it, they have it for you at no extra cost.