Company Name   A laundry shop
Position   ---
Date   Primary 6 school vacation (1990)
Work Description 1 To sort dirty hand towels and table cloth from 'food debris'
  2 To pack cleaned and perfumed towel into packs
Review   Worked at my mother's workplace. The smell from the overnight food debris just released from big plastic bag filled up a workplace radius of 1m. Perhaps $10 per 4 hours was a big sum to me at that time.
Company Name   Econ Mini mart
Position   Shop Asst
Date   1992 school vacation
Work Description 1 Price labeling
  2 Organized display of products on shelves
  3 Replenished products
Review   Forgot why I have to work. The boss and his wife were quite okay. There was once I labeled the price wrongly for an expensive oyster sauce for normal oyster sauce. Few were sold, but the boss let the matter rest. However, his younger sister seemed to dislike me, and so did I. Perhaps our 8 characters clashed. I was also allowed to have any beverage in the shop and working hours were flexible. $2.50/hr. The pay was used to buy my first Olympus camera.
Company Name   A Printing and Publishing factory
Position   ---
Date   3 days After 'O' Level till end of Dec (1994)
Work Description 1 Sort pages into books (school text, assessment books)
  2 Bind books and pack them into blocks
Review   The lady boss is born in the year of tiger. Silver spoon in her mouth since birth, hence never tasted the life of an ordinary worker. A Christian. A miser and do not trust her workers. Did not even bother to build a partition for the printing division and let the smell covering the whole factory except for her office. Workers not allowed to sit from starting work till knock off. OT pay = normal pay rate = public holiday. $3.50/hr. Always creakingly peeped at her workers from her office upstairs to ensure they did not eat snake. Must start work exactly on time, but cannot knock off on time. Cannot talk during work. Supervisor was a bootlicker.

Once raised the issue of the alarm (for lunch break) sound too loud for us. But boss and executives insisted that the sound was minimal (of course, all sitting IN the office!). Those left the factory cursed the boss, and indeed it folded within 6 months after I've left.

Company Name   In a Florist Shop
Position   Shop Asst
Date   Start of Jan - End of Feb 1995
Work Description 1 To assist in looking after the shop
  2 To assist in selling during Chinese New Year period
  3 To assist during Valentines' Day
Review   Working hours varies from day to day. Near to the festive season, shops opens from 8.30am till about 10.30pm everyday. $2.90/hr. Pay may be low, but boss and lady boss were good to their workers. Only the boss's younger sister was detestable by  workers and also a miser. Mastermind behind the exorbitant prices of the staff. Boss may look like a miser, but had actually gave quite a sum of ang bao money for us during the eve, though had to work till 7pm that day.

7 days later, worked for Valentine's Day event. Have learnt how to arrange flowers. Strange enough, prices of flowers increased as the day approached, even on the last day.

Company Name   ---
Position   Flyer distributor
Date   ---
Work Description 1 Distribute flyers from house to house
Review   To distribute flyers from house to house in private estates and HDB flats. Every movement being watched by the boss. Worked for only 3 days. A very don know how to describe boss. First day interview, a caller phoned saying that he could not make it, and his resume was crushed with great force and thrown into waste-paper basket without any hesitation. Upon receiving of payment, he insisted my friend to receive the cheque from him only. A boss who hate and like distinctively without masking.
Company Name   King Plastic
Position   Machine Operator
Date   End Feb - end May 1995
Work Description 1 Operate machine to label petrol bottles
Review   A very friendly aunty-working environment. $3.50/hr. 1.5 times working rate for OT and on Saturdays. Supervisor a very nice person, who liked to eat and did not put on air towards workers. Even invited all to her birthday party. One aunty liked my friend a lot, and disliked me much, and the other aunty vice versa. Always stopped work 15 mins before knock off time, pack up, wash up, and all hide at staircase waiting for alarm bell to ring and punch card.
Company Name   Seagate Int'l (AMK)
Position   Admin Asst
Date   11 Dec 2000 - 15 Jul 2001
Work Description 1 Assisted in data entry
  2 Laised training programs with external films for Seagate staff
  3 Processed application form for external training and continuous study
  4 Processed SDF claim
  5 Tracked instalment payment and reimbursement for training fees, and kept record of their training
  6 Liaised with Finance Dept for cheque processing and payment
  7 Used Lotus for E-mail
Review   A big company, but number of people in dept small. The manager looked fierce and crude at first, but actually a supervisor taking good care of his subordinates, friendly and approachable. Sometimes we would have lunch together at restaurants and would stay for 2 hours (tan4 dio4, hee...). Sometimes would also get free food for lunch from any trainings and seminars within the dept. $6.50/hr, by job agency. Actually a very friendly working environment, without the need to guard against office politics. How I wish can go back again, but as a permanent staff.... : )
Company Name   Gold Roast
Position   Packer
Date   Jun 2002 - Jul 2002
Work Description 1 To pack beverages into cartons
Review   A 12 hour job daily from 7am-7pm. $4.30/hr, by job agency. Had to pack into cartons, seal and stamp them, place it onto trolley, push them into warehouse, and stack accordingly, while people sealing the pack would continue even the unpacked were piled up, for 12 hours. Problem worsened with no more pellets and the cartons had to stack somewhere temporary and then had to stack them onto pellets again. Each carton weighed at least 8kg. No life, with only 4 gross hours for personal use, or 2 nett hours for resting excluding traveling time. A real zombie life. : (
Company Name   Steward Pte Ltd
Position   Customer Service Asst
Date   16 May 2003 - 31 Jul 2003
Work Description 1 Prepared shipping orders and invoices using FACT
  2 Laised with freight forwarders for shipping slot confirmation
  3 Data entry for delivery order, sales and purchase invoices
  4 Ran and maintained sample inventory and updated quantity records
Review   Quite a stressful environment, for have to meet dead line everyday. Manager an approachable person, and her personal assistant also a amicable person. Able to click on the very first day. Quite could not make it for the first 2 weeks, for too many unfamiliar things to be familiarized with, and tasks kept coming in non-stop. Once familiar, it is easily managed. $1400/mth.
Company Name   DBS Bank
Position   Data Entry Asst
Date   Dec 2003
Work Description 1 Data entry, issued redemption letters
  2 Attended to retail bank corporate officers' inquiry
  3 Sorted types and number of item redeemed
Review   A very relaxed job, though rate is only $5.90/hr. Staff there could even go for lunch for as long as 2 hours. During office 'spare' hour, could even do my final year project interim report and presentation preparation. Another stress-free job other than when was in Seagate.
Company Name   A1
Position   IT Asst
Date   28 May - 6 Jun 2004
Work Description 1 Promoted educational CD-Roms to potential customers
Review   No Comments
Company Name   DBS Bank
Position   Data Entry Assistant
Date   7 Jun - 30 Jul 2004
Work Description 1 Data entry for car loan application
Review   No comments
Company Name   DBS Bank
Position   Customer Service Officer
Date   2 Aug 2004 - ???
Work Description   Attending queries from call-in customers
Review   --
And of course other jobs like telemarketing in 1996. A 3 day job, for we had to call and lied to people saying they got first prize, and had to come down to listen to a seminar before they could get their prize. Pricked by conscience and self-awareness, quit.

 Also worked one day in a Chinese restaurant as a waiter. The female captain was very nasty and demanding to others.

Promoting magazines was also part of my job experience from 2002 onwards. Such needs experience too, in determining which category of people needs the products. Western foreigners do not believe and do not like promoting products.